Tipped by retailers to be a hot toy this Christmas 2010, introducing, Mindflex from Mattel.

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The Mindflex game from Mattel is a new game and unlike any other.It uses EEG technology to measure concentration. By using your concentration you can raise a ball or lower it and move it through an obstacle course. A fun new toy for children over the age of 8.

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Mattel Mindflex

The Mattel Mindflex is expected to be one of the most wanted toys this Christmas 2010.

Using the latest technology, Mattel Mindflex is a completely unique way to play. By harnessing the power of your mind to move a ball round an obstacle course. By concentrating you lift the ball 5 inches above the game console, relaxing lowers the ball.

To measure your brain activity you put on a headset just like in a science fiction movie - with sensors for your forehead and clips to your eyebrows.

It uses the EEG technology to measure concentration to levitate the ball. Once you have mastered the techniques of "telekinesis" you can start to move the ball round an obstacle course.

The course can be set up how you want. You move the ball through a range of hoops, funnels and hurdles.

Anyone who like mazes and brainteasers should enjoy the challenge of the mindflex game that rewards patience and experimentation.

Mindflex Game

Mattel have changed the way games are played with the new Mindflex Game. Gone are the counters and dice. Now the moves are made using the power of the mind. Through concentration a ball can be levitated and return by relaxing the mind.

The mindflex game requires some patience and creativity. It takes a little time to get used to the headset to start levitating the ball but once mastered you can then move the ball through an obstacle course that can be changed each time you play.

The mindflex game may also help build children's concentration and this could lead to better school work (according to some people on the internet).

The Mindflexgame uses EEG technology to harness the power of the mind. You put on a headset that connect you to the obstacle course and this uses the mindpower.

The mindflex game obstacle course requires 4 C batteries and the headset 3 AAA batteries. (NOT INCLUDED)

Mind Flex Game

The Mind Flex Game is expected to be a hot toy this Christmas 2010. Order today at Amazon to avoid disappointment. Best selling toys sell out fast at Christmas.

The goal of the Mindflex game is simple it is move a ball through an obstacle course as quickly as possible using the power of your mind.

You fit a headset on to your forehead and a clip to each earlobe. Using EEG technology the headset detects the intensity of your brainwaves - the more you concentrate the higher the special ball goes and by relaxing the ball descends. Movement round the course is controlled by control on the console.

Included in box are:-

Game console for the obstacle course
Headset for measuring brainwave activity
Four foam balls to move with your mind power. Be careful with these balls so they keep their ability to move up and down with thought power. There is a place in the game console for storage.
Variety of obstacles to test yourself with
An instruction manual to help develop concentration and relaxation skills through practice exercises, maths problems and visualisation.

Batteries are not included. The mindflex console needs 4 C batteries and the headset 3 AAA batteries.

Mindflex is suitable for players aged eight and above.

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Mindlex Review Of Suppliers

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